A Jam For Everything

Songs (or at least hooks) to describe your life, because sometimes a .gif doesnt fully cover it.

When your friend announces that they are finally over their ex

Deciding on the perfect Halloween costume

My boss’s response when I asked if we also get Columbus Day off


Deciding that you want to leave a perfectly fine apartment

Looking for available rooms on Craigslist, explaining that your homelessness is in their hands

Moving in NYC

When its all finally done

Leaving work on Friday

My current view towards dating

The Government Shutdown

Their apparent plan.

Their apparent reason.

How I feel.

#WakeMeUpWhenItsAllOver #WhenImWiserAndImOlder

Breaking Bad

When someone makes me commit to something that takes place before 10am on a weekend.


When I realize I already have 4 weddings to go to next year

#CanAnybodyFindMeeeeeSomebody to Love

Getting to the bar and realizing there is a $20 cover

Realizing that your summer tan is already fading

When you get a message on your dating website from someone that doesn’t sound like a creeper